il Cigno Italiano - Website

The website for il Cigno Italiano is a showcase for its great Italian food. However, the building itself is pretty remarkable, with an all-wood interior and views of the White Oak River. So we also wanted market it as a great location for events like wedding rehearsal dinners and holiday parties. The black background (actually not quite black, but the difference is nearly imperceptible) gives the site an elegance we liked.


The Boro - Website

The Boro Restaurant & Bar in downtown Swansboro, NC is appreciated as much for its great vibe as its great food. That’s why we elected to feature its front patio on the home page. Its menus are quite extensive, so to ease the browsing process, there are buttons at the top of each menu page allowing users to jump to the section of their choosing.


The Boro Low Country Kitchen - Website

The Boro Low Country Kitchen specializes in seafood boils, which is really the perfect meal for a party. So we wanted to increase the number of catering orders they received. I took most of the photos on the site, really emphasizing the boils (which are visually impressive) and the location, which is literally on the White Oak River. 


Icehouse Catering - Website

This is a great example of a one-page website. Icehouse Catering is still a new business, offering a wide range of services. Rather than try to cover everything, we wanted to create a page that expresses that range, and encourages potential customers to make contact for more details. Icehouse Catering also works with partner businesses, so I placed contact forms on their websites that sent messages to the Icehouse inbox.