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March17 Design specializes in web design for small businesses in Jacksonville, NC and surrounding areas. Even if you’re confident in your social media presence, you need a great website. Owning your own site means having complete control over the presentation of your service, message, or brand. And it’s not just about style: performance, ease-of-use, and customer conversion strategies are just as essential. Whether you want to attract customers, followers, donors, or readers, a great website design should connect you with your desired audience.

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The Features You Need, Whatever Your Goals

March17 Design websites are constructed with WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world. What makes WordPress such an amazing tool is the availability of plug-ins that expand the capabilities of any website. There are ten of thousands of options for nearly any functionality you might want. So whatever you can imagine, we can build it together.

That said, there are certain features that every great website — and every website from March17 Design — will have…

Attractive Design

Attractive Design

For many potential customers, your website will be the introduction to your brand. A clean, professional-looking site starts that relationship off right. And a quality user experience will keep them coming back.

Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Optimized

The coolest site on the internet does you no good if users never find it. And the key to getting found is finding your spot near the top of Google’s search results. Your site design and content must reflect Google’s recommendations.

Call to Action

Call to Action

The first question you should ask yourself is, “What am I trying to accomplish with this site?” In design and marketing parlance, it’s the “Call to Action” for customers. Everything about your website design and user experience should be carefully designed to elicit that response.

Responsive On All Devices

Responsive On All Devices

It’s not enough for your website to look good on a desktop or laptop screen. Chances are, it will be viewed more frequently on tablets or smartphones. So your site should be built with the unique demands of those devices in mind.

Rapid Loading

Rapid Loading

Internet users are an impatient bunch; if your page takes more than a few seconds to load, they will go somewhere else. Smart construction and proper configuration will ensure the fastest possible load times.

Who Needs a Website?

Amplify Your Voice

Look, there are lots of great marketing tools available. But nothing else offers the combination of flexibility, reach, and cost-effectiveness of a great website. So if you have something to share, something to say, or something to sell, you would benefit from a site of your own. This includes:

  • Individuals like bloggers, artists, and musicians who want to share their work
  • Couple who want to share wedding news on a custom site
  • Small businesses trying to gain a foothold in competitive markets
  • Non-profits who want to share their good work, or find help doing it

 Website Design Packages

Solutions Made to Order

The internet can be an amazing tool for everyone, so getting a great website shouldn’t break the bank. And every website should be built to respond to the unique needs of the customer. So March17 Design website packages¬† provide a range of affordable and customizable¬† options for anyone who wants to grow their online footprint.

Prices vary according to a wide range of factors. Some custom features might require the installation of additional software, which will impact cost.


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  • One-page website
  • Ideal for weddings, single-service businesses, performers, bloggers, food trucks, and one-time events
  • Basic features like Google Maps integration, contact forms, and animations


starting at


  • Five- to seven-page site
  • Ideal for many small businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Advanced features like search bars, events calendars, and blog setup


starting at


  • 10 or more pages
  • Ideal for larger businesses and e-commerce stores
  • Advanced features like search bars, events calendars, and blog setup

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